Street Art – Posters in Oslo 2005–2015

  • Client:Self initiated
  • Year:2015
  • Type:Exhibition
  • Photo:Einar Aslaksen
  • Company:All Tomorrow’s

A poster exhibition

Street Art – Posters in Oslo 2005–2015 was an exhibition at Grafill’s R21 Gallery initiated by All Tomorrow’s, Bergqvist’s former studio. These days posters are often seen as small images online rather than as physical objects in the streets. The purpose of the exhibition was to showcase 10 years of prolific poster design in Oslo, with posters in their original size and almost in their original context.

“This is a tribute to the poster! Very good contrast between the photo and text pages. You get a breather, but want to browse on and see more. We like fine details such as how the captions are placed in relation to photos and that the cover is actually a poster.”
– Visuelt Awards jury

“With a concept that stacks digital and analogue formats on top of each other, the poster achieves a layered street poster look that shows consideration for digital formats. This is a fresh way to create a poster today, not just for the street, but also for the screen.”
– Visuelt Awards jury