• Client:Forlaget Press
  • Year:2016
  • Type:Book design
  • Author:Simen Agdestein
  • Company:All Tomorrow’s

A book about the four greats

In Tenkesport the former Norwegian chess grandmaster and coach of chess player Magnus Carlsen, Simen Agdestein, gives an introduction to the four great mind sports: Chess, Shogi, Go and Xiangqi.

Books on chess are often perceived as dense and introvert. In order to draw interest from gamers in general, an accessible and playful design with strong colours suggesting sports and games was applied.

Chess pieces are easily recognised by their shape. In Xiangqi and Shogi Chinese or Japanese characters indicate the different pieces, making it almost impossible for anyone from the West to see the difference between the two games. The solution was to separate the different games and chapters using strong colours.

The titles and pagination refer to the indicators on the boards, as does the cover title. The cover shows the four games at war with each other.