• Client:Røverstaden / Oslo Konserthus
  • Year:2017
  • Type:Visual identity
  • Photo:Jan Khür
  • Animation:Ole Magnus Saxegård
  • Company:Studio Levi Bergqvist

Identity for a new space

A new space for music, art, film, food and drink opened in 2018 in Vika, a grey business area in Oslo. In order to draw people’s attention to this part of the city, a strong and distinct identity was called for. Røverstaden (City of Robbers) got its name from the area’s history as the biggest slum in the capital.

The visual identity builds on the idea of treating the space as a town or a state. A flag was constructed, using horizontal stripes inspired by maritime flags, cartoonish convict clothes and the three floors of the building. As a continuation of the logo, stripes were used as graphic elements in all promotional material. A set of templates were developed, allowing future posters to be designed in-house. Studio Levi Bergqvist designed the first seven.

“The poster series stands out as a strong identity carrier for the client. The framework uses simple and effective means that leave plenty of room for playfulness, excitement and individuality per poster. At the same time, great recognition is created when the posters come together.”
– Visuelt Awards jury