Orions Belte

  • Client:Jansen Records
  • Year:2018
  • Type:Art direction, design
  • Director:Steph Hope
  • Animation:Steph Hope
  • Illustration:Steph Hope
  • Company:Studio Levi Bergqvist

Music release campaign

Orions Belte is an instrumental band with a unique style of nostalgic, yet fresh blues. For their debut singles and first album they needed a visually striking campaign in order to stand out among the more vocal-based bands. The record company also wanted to tie the artwork and a music video to the different releases in a coherent way.

Illustrator and director Steph Hope created a universe inspired by the internet phenomenon This Man, who reputedly emerges in people’s dreams: thisman.org. The music video features three people who come in contact with each other. The video was then split into three parts, working as shorter videos for the three different singles. The single covers depict each of the three people, accompanied by short animations aimed at social media. In the album cover everything comes together in a twirl, referring to the music videos and the single covers, but still being very much an object of its own.

“An exceptionally good utilisation of media platforms and formats. Super engaging and charming.”
– Visuelt Awards jury