Marianne Hurum. Krabbe

  • Client:Lillehammer Art Museum
  • Year:2019
  • Type:Book design, exhibition design, ads
  • Texts:Maria Horvei and Ellef Prestsæter
  • Company:Carl Gürgens and Studio Levi Bergqvist

A book in the making

Artist Marianne Hurum had her first major solo exhibition at Lillehammer Art Museum in 2019. Designer Carl Gürgens and Studio Levi Bergqvist were given the task of designing the accompanying book, as well as exhibition graphics and ads.

Hurum wanted to produce new artwork for the exhibition and to be involved in shaping the pages of the book. Without content or any structure for the publication, Gürgens and Bergqvist designed an open framework based on sizes and their relation to textures of different types of paper, zooming in on rough paper and zooming out on coated paper. The chapters could then be based on Hurum’s own perception of her work, and the book was put together in close collaboration with the artist a few days before deadline. Each chapter was given its own glyph based on some of Hurum’s archetypal motifs, exclusively hand-drawn by the artist.

The book contains nine different types of paper and was printed at Göteborgstryckeriet.