Jansen Records

  • Client:Jansen Records
  • Year:2017
  • Type:Art direction, design
  • Company:Studio Levi Bergqvist

7", 10", 12", CD, MC, FLAC etc.

Studio Levi Bergqvist has an ongoing collaboration with Jansen Records, art directing and designing the label’s various releases, campaigns, events and logos for sublabels.

  • Artwork:Aurora Lund Solberg
  • Illustration:Kristian Hammerstad

“A simple typographic look – inspired by Japanese typography – served as both a framework and a logo expression. The typographic craft on the back cover of the record really excited the jury and could equally have served as the front cover.”
– Visuelt Awards jury

  • Artwork:Steph Hope
  • Illustration:Espen Friberg
  • Photo:Audun Selnes
  • Photo:Jørgen Nordby